Sport Specific Training


The Excel-r-ation Hockey Off Season program has evolved over the years. We train our guys in private settings, small group sizes (6 athletes MAX) and all with the same ability and desire to be the best.

Our guys test in the top five of their teams, and this year most of the guys have remained in the top 10 on their respective teams for points. Our guys contribute to their teams what they work so hard on in the summer: Speed, agility, power, mental toughness, quick decision making, and durability.

During their season we develop new training methods and base our program on what we see them do on the ice by trying to get out to as many games as we can. The result is a program that focuses on the needs of the player. The Excel-r-ation summer conditioning program focuses on sport specific development for hockey. Balance, speed, agility, explosiveness, core strength, endurance, power and flexibility are integrated to maximize athletic ability.

This program has been developed exclusively with the hockey player in mind, using the latest equipment, testing, and training techniques in the world to make each participant a better athlete, and therefore a better hockey player. Don’t just train to play, train to dominate.

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